Gender Inferno is a zine created by Jo Disco that visualizes the intersection of drag
and gender identity, specifically within the Brooklyn queer community.
Drawing inspiration from the punk, underground drag zine Pansy Beat (1989-90),
Gender Inferno tackles the complex identity and experiences of a gender
non-binary drag queen through photography, writings, typography, and design.

In line with the lo-fi, laser-copied quality of most hand-made zines,
Gender Inferno consists of 40 black & white pages, with a hot pink cover
and various small inserts. With the first edition of 50 zines being  dispersed
at Brooklyn queer spaces like 3DB and The Rosemont,  the zine can  reach
local queens that may find enjoyment in a zine that reflects the  true
power of drag only known to those brave enough to try it.